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Dear Church,


Since we have not had services for the past 2 weeks due to sickness, I wanted to contact you to give you an update. First, thank you for being understanding and flexible with the uncertainty that marks our day to day life and now our church life. It has always been my desire to do what is in the best interest of the peopl of Trinity Baptist Church.


Second, we had several people get sick the week of August 31st. Some people tested positive for covid and others have tested negative. As a result, we took 21 days off from having Sunday services. From speaking with those in our church, most everyone seems to be over the sickness and doing well (with the exception of a couple of our elderly members who I humbly ask you to pray for). Therefore, we will resume our normal schedule tomorrow morning at 10am.


Third, some people are still apprehensive and feel uncomfortable in public due to their age or severe health problems. Some are still not back to work, or going shopping, or going out to eat, or participating in activities that invloves groups of people. If that is you, then please feel comfortable taking advantage of online services until this is over or until the Lord gives you peace! For everyone else, please allow me to encourage you to be back faithfully involved in church.


Fourth, I knew people were going to get sick at some point. I also know that some more people will likely get sick in the future. While this virus is not to be taken lightly, and those who are elderly or have health problems should take extra precautions, the reality is that over 97% of people who get sick will also get well. We hope and pray that no one else will get it, but please be prepared for it to happen and, if you're healthy, do not let it frighten you away from church and living life in general. To be clear, if you are over 65 or have health problems, please take extra precautions! 


Fifth, we have taken some additional measures to ensure your safety at church. We have more masks available for both kids and adults. In addition to hand sanitizer in ever classroom and in our nursery, we have also installed wall mounted sanitizer dispensers in the foyer, fellowship hall, hallway, and gym area. The church has been cleaned and all high touch surfaces have been sanitized. We have also used an electrostatic sanitizing fog machine which dispenses a fog sanitizer to ensure any virus in the air, on the chairs, or on other surfaces have been killed. We want you to be safe, but we also want you to feel safe.


Finally, I want to see you back at church and nothing thrills my heart more, but whatever steps you are taking Monday through Saturday, take them on Sunday as well. If you are not going out during the week, please stay home on Sunday. However, if you are going out during the week, I look forward to seeing you in church tomorrow. As always, I love you and am praying for you. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do!


Pastor Massey

Update from Pastor

Hi everyone,


I wanted to communicate with you and provide you an update with where we are as a church, what our plan is, and what the schedule is moving forward. It has been a very trying time for churches all across the country for the past 4 months, and our church has been no exception to that rule! From attendance, to offerings, salvations, baptisms, ministry opportunities, spiritual growth, outreach, memberships, and etc., it has been a trial! I know it has been difficult on you, and it has been really difficult on our church and me as well. "Video pastoring," "pastoring a diverse church through a pandemic coupled with national riots," "how to deal with 40% of your church congregation not attending church," "gauging the spiritual state of the flock virtually," and "restarting your church after 3 months of absence" are not classes I took in Bible college. (LOL) But, God is faithful even in the difficult times!


Fortunately, we held several drive-in services that were well-attended. Several weeks ago, we were able to begin having in person services on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. If you have faithfully attended these services, thank you for your support and encouragement! You will never understand how much it means to me to just have you present in the services. If you have not attended these services because you have felt uncomfortable due to the virus, then know that I understand and I want you to come back when you feel comfortable. If you have not attended because you have become comfortable with the absence of church, please allow me to encourage you to come back...NOW! There is a very high price to pay for not assembling together with other believers for worship and spiritual growth, and the longer you remain absent the more comfortable you become and the easier it gets. In any of these cases, please know that I am praying fervently for you and your family! 


This coming Sunday, July 5th, is when we are scheduled to resume a normal Sunday morning schedule. At 10am, we will have kid's Sunday school classes, one large adult class in the fellowship hall, and nursery! At 11am, we will have a wonderful worship service. We will also have our annual God and Country Day! At 6pm, we will meet for prayer for our country folllowed by a cookout, BBQ, bounce houses, softball, and fellowship. Let me encourage you to come be a part of this entire day! 


As to ministry, it is time to get back involved and to begin sacrificing again! Serving Jesus is awesome and we have missed so many opportunities the past few months! Sacrifice monetarily by being faithful in tithes, offerings, and missions. Even though we aren't having as many services, the bills still come in and they have to be paid. Sacrifice by being faithful to services. Sacrifice by serving in the nursery, bus ministry, children's ministry, soul winning, building maintenence, or another ministry. Sacrifice by visiting someone, calling someone, sending a card, or being an encouragement. Somehow, find a way to serve God faithfully!


Finally, I recognize that there is a spike in the number of confirmed cases of covid-19. I also recognize that some people are very worried and others are not worried at all. (Some are wearing masks and using hand sanitizer by the gallon while others are shouting "conspiracy theory" while refusing to wear a mask.) My job as pastor is to do what is both reasonable and what is best for the entire church (as opposed to one person or family). Throughout this process, I have tried to do just that. Before it is asked: is there a possibility of having to cancel services again in the future? Yes, there is that possibility. Are we there right now? No, we are not. Until this thing is over, however, we want to take reasonable steps to ensure people are safe and that people feel safe. Here are several things we are doing:

1. The facilities are sanitized every week to include high touch objects.

2. Hand sanitizer is available in the church foyer, fellowship hall, nursery, and every classroom. 

3. Masks, though not provided yet, are encouraged to be worn if it makes you feel more comfortable. 

4. The nursery, including toys, is also sanitized. 

5.  Temperatures will be taken at the front door using a no-touch, infrared thermometer. This takes about 2 seconds. I kindly ask that everyone allow us to take your temperature. Some people will think this is ridiculous, and others will appreciate it. I do not think it unreasonable to ask everyone to allow us 2 seconds to take their temperature. Please help us with this. 


Again, thank you for your faithfulness and support during this time! I look forward to serving the Lord with some of the greatest people in the world! See ya Sunday! 


In Christ, Pastor

Update for in person services!

I am excited about finally being able to meet again tonight at 7pm. The service will last no longer than 45 minutes. One FAQ we will cover is "How does salvation work for babies, small children, and the mentally handicapped?" We will also answer "What happens to someone who dies who never heard the gospel?"

As we begin to assemble together again, we want everyone to BE safe, but we also want everyone to FEEL safe. We have had the church cleaned and sanitized. Please take a moment to read and adhere to the following guidelines:

- Use good, common sense in washing/sanitizing hands and not touching "high touch" surfaces.

- No physical contact (shaking hands, hugging, etc.)

- Have your family sit together (kids with parents) and spread out from other families/people when seated.

- Wear a mask if you would like to.

- If you are elderly or have significant health problems, feel free to stay home.

- If you are running a fever or feeling sick, please stay home.

- The fellowship hall side of the church will be closed.

- Please do not arrive until about 10 minutes before the service begins. Once you arrive, just have a seat and wait for the service to begin instead of "hanging out" for fellowship.

- Be respectful of other people and keep distance between you and them. Once again, you may not be at all concerned, but other people may be. Respect their feelings and space.

- Accept and be patient with kids in the service. We will not have nursery or kids4truth class, so kids will be in the service.

Thank you to everyone who has been understanding and supportive throughout this process. The decision to cancel in-person services has been the most difficult decision I have made as a pastor and online services has been the most uncomfortable position I have been placed in as a pastor. Many of you have remained faithful to the drive-in services and online meetings as well as sent me encouraging messages of prayer and support. Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing you this evening!

Drive-in Service!

Join us this coming Sunday at 11am for a drive-in church service and enjoy the worship service in your car!

- PLEASE stay in your car.
- The building and restrooms will be closed.
- The service will be broadcast over your car's radio.
- The service will last for no longer than 1 hour.
- Activity sheets for your kids will be available on a table as you enter the parking lot.


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Church, I am praying for each of you and cannot wait until we get to be together again! Until then:
  1. Please be faithful in online attendance at the following times:
    - Worship service Sunday at 11am
    - Children's church Sunday at 5pm
    - Live fellowship Sunday at 6pm
    - Devotions Tuesday and Friday at 12pm
    - Wednesday Bible study at 7pm
  2. Please be faithful in giving! You can mail in your offering, drop it off at the church, give through the Tithely app, or give through our website.
  3. Help someone who does not have FB find our Youtube channel. I will tell how to find it at our Bible study this evening.
  4. We are working on getting together packets for your kids Sunday school lessons that you can pick up. We should have those ready this week and each week thereafter. A good way to keep your kids engaged is by having them get dressed and watch the services with you just like they are going to church. Especially have them watch children's church.
  5. You can now submit prayer requests on our website! I will tell you how in the Bible study tonight.

    If there is anything you need (groceries, toilet paper, medicine, etc) please let me know or email us at office@tbclong.com. I love you and am praying for you! 

                                                               - Pastor Massey